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Postcard Marketing

Shared postcard marketing that is budget friendly, 

helping you increase your farming area.

Below are a few of our marketing programs that are ideal for your home improvement business!

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Postcard Values is our 8.5x11 postcard program that features three different sized ads: a full page, 4.25x5.5 and 5.5x8.5.


Below is a sample of what your ad would look like as a half size, and quarter size!


Postcard Values Select is our 6.5x12 postcard program that features a front page ad perfect for realtors!

This program allows you to pick the areas that you want to target! On the back are two-three different size ads that feature local businesses within that target area!


Below is a sample of what your ad would look like as a full page, half size, and quarter size!


Job-Site Marketing  is our 6x11, 2 sided postcard program.


Perfect for Home Improvement that want to target the neighbors of a home that they just provided services for.

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